bupaR is an open-source suite for the handling and analysis of business process data in R developed by the Business Informatics research group at Hasselt University, Belgium. It builds upon the concept of an event log which is a logbook of events which have happened and were recorded within the execution of a business process.

bupaR provides support for different stages in process analysis, such as importing event data, calculating descriptives, process monitoring and process visualization. The central package, bupaR includes basic functionality for creating event log objects in R. It contains several functions to get information about an event log and also provides specific event log versions of generic R functions.

edeaR, which stands for Exploratory and Descriptive Event-Data Analysis, provides several functions for in-depth analysis of event logs, as well as a diverse set of subsetting methods. Process visualizations can be made with the processmapR package, while the processmonitR package provides various off-the-shelf dashboards for process monitoring. An interface with the XES-standard is provided by the xesreadR package, while a set of event logs are supplied through the eventdataR package.